Fantasy Fairy Teapot

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Bring some fantasy adventure to your life with our bright and colourful 'Fantasy Fairy Teapots'

These gorgeous little houses are hand painted and adorned with natural floristic items.

All make an enchanting home for all the fairies and other woodland creatures.

Each one has its own allure. Illuminates and glows in the dark creating an amazing effect and filling life with magic.

These cute creations come complete with a certificate.

Teapot size: 12cm (D), 12cm (L), 12cm (W) 
  • Please note that all our ‘Fantasy Fairy Teapots’ are not a toy but is for ornamental use only and should be handled with care. 
  • Please remember that all our ‘ Fantasy Fairy Teapots’ can be personalised to make a truly personal gift on such a special occasion (please contact us with all specific details needed for personalisation).