We provide innovative, well designed unusual gifts and a unique experience

Our magical shop offers a selection of beautiful gift ideas with a wide variety of cute designs.

  • Magical Fairy Wish Jars
  • Magnificent Fairy Bubble
  • My Own Fairy Wish Keepsake Frames
  • My Own Fairy Garden - starter kits
  • Secret Fairy Doors with magical light
  • Mushroom Fairy Houses
  • Captured Fairies.

All our creations have been lovingly created using beautiful handmade, polymer clay fairies and a lot of kind of decorating.

To reflect their natural environment each fairy has been surrounded by a mixture of dried flowers, preserved moss, fruits and seeds. Playing with colours and textures and precision of execution will give your gifts a novelty look, not to be found in a run of the mill production.

The Little Dearies offers wide variety of gifts which are/have:

  • Unique, memorable and personal
  • One of a kind gifts (not to be found in a run of mill production)
  • Guarantee that no one will receive the same gift (a handmade Item Cannot be duplicated)
  • Well made
  • Novelty looks
  • More ecological than mass produced products
  • Personalized / re-design option (based on customer's suggestions)

For those, who are looking to share their feelings or good wishes with loved ones, our works are the perfect gift.