Personalised gifts offer you the chance to impress your beloved ones 

To make your gift even more special, you can customise it in any way.

If you have an idea or concept of your own, do not hesitate to enquire about my commission services. Whether it means adding a cat, dog or even another person to your product, it will be done. I can also offer you the choice of any colour, shape or size you please. Every gift is as unique to me as it is to you.

I am happy to create custom made projects on your request, based on your suggestions and ideas.

As our products are all hand-made and decorated manually, naturally there is a lead time from order to delivery, this is to ensure the highest quality and this can be discussed at the time of order. It should also be noted that there will be some differences to the website images based on client’s requirements and final design etc. We would also be delighted to work with you on any special projects so please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Check out any of our art gifts for an amazing shopping experience. Often, we feature recent custom made orders on our Facebook page. Please visit our page to read the kind reviews written by our clients and browse the images of the gifts created.