Handmade goods has risen exponentially in the last few years, and this has had a big impact on the wholesale and retail gift industry.

We are proud to offer wholesale opportunities to new retailers for all our creations.

Reasons to become The Little Dearies retailer:

Consumers have become very aware of the value of owning things that are not mass produced, and can now purchase handmade goods directly from the people who make them. Another reason behind the handmade gift's trend is the desire for a human connection. People like to know that the products they bought were made by a real person - that the products they’re spending money on have a sense of authenticity attached to them. In addition, when it comes to gift giving, consumers enjoy being able to give items that are unique, special and memorable.

Handmade gift items are believed to be special, something that only a few fortunate people will ever own.

Rather than thinking of this trend as a threat, the gift industry should start thinking of the handmade trend as an opportunity. A lot of gift industry brands are starting to develop relationships with makers and finding new sources for those unique gift items. This in turn means that the gift industry are looking for makers of handmade items to have new sources of unique products. The same as a handmade gift, a species of supernatural beings is one of the most beautiful and popular concepts nowadays.

Observing the trends in today's world it seems that the fairies and their magical worlds are timeless. Fairies and everything related to them (doors, gardens, accessories etc.) are one of the most collectible themes of today. This magical world has delighted millions of fans among children and adults alike around the world. 

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