Hand-crafted is heart-crafted

My name is Karolina. I am a trained artist and passionate about art and graphic design.
As an artist, not only out of love but also as a graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Poland, my life very simply consists of design and art. I indulge myself in it every single day.
As long as I can remember, art had stolen my heart and my childhood was filled creative with days. Painting, drawing and designing had strengthened my interests.
Over the years, wanting to develop my skills I started my education
at the State Secondary School of Fine Arts.
Further education, I began to realize my projects digitally using a computer – so I graduated the IT department, specialising in Computer Graphics.
However, I still consider painting, drawing and designing as a huge part of my
personal and professional life.
The Little Dearies is a concept that was born in 2012 in Ireland as a result of a

design project initiated by me and my husband Alessandro.

The Little Dearies can offer you a wide variety of magical gifts:
  • Magical Fairy Wish Jars
  • Magnificent Fairy Bubble
  • My Own Fairy Garden - starter kits
  • Secret Fairy Doors with magical light
  • Captured Fairies
  • My Own Fairy Keepsake Frames
  • Mushroom Fairy Houses

There are gifts for just about any season, occasion or event, with a wide variety of cute designs. All created with the highest level of care and attention to detail.

All products are made to order. They are not pre-made and so when you order it is especially made for you. 

Check out any of our art gifts for an amazing shopping experience 

If you have an idea or concept of your own, do not hesitate to enquire about my commission services. The Little Dearies are also delighted with your interest in our product and you can be assured of a professional level of service at all times. We also welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions from any source so please feel free to contact me at any time.