Unicorn Mug

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Turn your special occasional gift into a wonderful work of art! 

Everyone loves a special occasion and what better way to celebrate it than with the personal touch.

Our high quality mugs are wonderful gifts for anyone in your life, and also perfect as home decor..

All are decorated by handmade polymer clay sculptures covered by resin. 


Personalisation available upon request.


Each of them are going to be unique, if so can be sure to become the owner of the only mug in the world!

I hope, that the hand-made The Little Dearies will bring you joy and many positive emotions.

Care instruction:

1. Only manual washing with a soft sponge without chemical and mechanical detergents.

2. Do not soak in water.

3. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

4. Do not put in the microwave.

5. No need to check the decor for strength.

6. Polymer clay is not edible. Therefore, you should be very careful and vigilant when you leave such products in the presence of children.

7. Treat carefully both the mug / spoon and the decor on them. If something suddenly breaks away, epoxy glue or superglue can easily fix the situation.

8. Observing these rules, nothing should happen to the decor, and a mug will serve you for many years!